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Product Description offers Online Auction Services of Property & Evidence, Firearms, and Vehicles & Equipment for Law Enforcement, Government, Municipalities and Surplus agencies. helps agencies across the country to:

• Eliminate clutter
• Reduce storage & handling costs
• Safely & securely liquidate assets
• Increase proceeds
• Employ chain-of-custody practices

With you’ll benefit from:

• 1.7 million registered bidders
• Live customer support for your agency during business hours
• Payments on proceeds from auctions each month
• 24 / 7 /365, fully transparent tracking and visibility of your assets via our proprietary asset tracking system
• 100% solution to your disposition needs

Property & Evidence Auctions
We handle everything from asset pick-up & evaluation to auctioning to post auction accountability.

• Scheduled pick-ups
• Photographing, cleaning, storying, and assessing the condition of assets
• Consistent marketing support to increase visibility and end value
• Process payments and ship won auctions assets to winning bidders
• Additional Added Service: Return of lost or stolen assets when citizens prove any asset on our site is rightfully theirs

Firearms (Seized, Unclaimed, or Service Firearms)
Earn more at auction from bidders nationwide than you would by selling to / trading in at your local dealer or auctioning locally.

• Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL)
• Partnered with leading online firearms auction site, FFL to FFL
• Secure, fast, & easy process
• Monetize your firearms anonymously
• Earn with proceeds or credit for LE Gear
• Transparent and fully auditable (Chain of Custody Intact) Compliant with ATF, Title 18, U.S. Code, Ch. 44 and NFA (26, U.S.C., Ch. 53)

Vehicles & Equipment
Haul away your headaches or sell in place.

• Auction your assets from coast to coast, and worldwide
• Processing citizen returns upon proof of clearance from your agency
• Haul Away your headaches or sell In Place – from your lot to our Online Auction
• Streamline your auctions with MobiCat®, our mobile application that integrates with our online platform

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